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Observe the state of your systems. Collect metrics using sensors from IaaS, PaaS, xPaaS and all your applications using sensors (Sensu, Telegraf) and your custom sensors (Python, GO).

Aggregate and analyze log streams (ELK, Splunk, Datadog) and gain insights into the health of your platform and your running applications.


Orient using a fast in memory time series db to track events. Make decisions based on the state of your system over time.

Build an OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) architecture with an event processor (Riemann, Promotheus)

Avoid false triggers and produce correctly timed actions for auto-scaling and self-healing of your platform.


Update the state of your system using a configuration repository (Foreman, RunDeck) to store actions expressed in a configuration language (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack).

Use API indirection to control multiple public clouds (Terraform, jclouds).

Execute actions to orchestrate your hybrid cloud environment. Keep an audit log of all change requests.

Use open source orchestration tools to avoid vendor lock-in.


Automation, Automation, Automation !!!

DevOps tools fall into the following categories (wikipedia):

CI/CD, Continuous Deliver and Continuous Integration

Invest into a CI/CD pipeline early on and make it mandatory for all projects and teams to build and deploy to cloud fully automatized using the CI/CD pipeline.

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