Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is rapidly becoming the preferred cloud architecture. It enables the enterprise to allocate data, applications and computing resources to either its own dedicated private cloud or to third-party public cloud infrastructures.

Benefits of hybrid cloud:

  • Architectural flexibility
  • Technical Control
  • Security
  • Compliance Options
  • Peace of mind
  • Utility billing
  • Technical predictability
  • Operating system choice
  • Fostering innovation
  • Technology safe harbor

My Story

I have been involved as a cloud  architect in building cloud solutions since the early OpenStack days for companies like Swisscom (Switzerland) and American Express (US).

In the 70's i started as a game programmer, marking bits on punch cards and  programming in Assembler.
I never stopped dreaming in code ever since.

Today i advice companies on digital transformation, agile methodologies, DevOps and hybrid-cloud strategy.

Meet the Team


Mathias Dietrich

Hybrid Cloud Solutions - DevOps - Digital Transformation

Mathias is a seasoned architect, technologist, software engineer and technical manager focused on enterprise and consumer internet Big Data and Hybrid Cloud Saas/Paas/Iaas platforms with over 20+ years' experience building large scale systems and GDHA cloud solutions.

He lead architecture for teams up to 700+ and over $150MM in annual budget. He held various positions at American Express, Swisscom and a variety of SMEs in Europe and in the Unites States.

'I am passionate about designing and building multi/hybrid cloud platforms that help enterprises towards their digital transformation goals and support their go-to-market strategies and products'.

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